Proyectos de Investigación

The Facility

GuMNet infraestructure contains two subnets: One atmospheric instrumentations and other subnet of instrumentation for monitoring temperatura and humidity at the subsurface. This two concepts are integrated in ten real time automatic weather stations installed across the Sierra de Guadarrama interconnected via GPRS.

Additionaly, a valuable collection of subsurface samples were taken during the 9 trial pits practiced in the mayority of sites. Also a collection of core rocks extracted along 15 boreholes carried out in most GuMNet stations, that will be of great scientific value.

The comunication systems is based on GPRS connection system between each automatic weather station and a central storage server. A management software has been developed to ensure the proper functioning of the network, data base collection and maintaining instrumentation. Several working groups have optimize the installation of insfraestructure to achieve the most scientific needs.

The atmospheric subnet consist on standar instrumentation to monitor the state of the atmosphere recording: air temperature, air humidity, 4-component net radiation, precipitation, snow high and wind speed and direction. 

The sensors for monitoring temperature and humidity both on surface and subsurface, through 15 boreholes and 9 trenches, are an important feature of the network. As an special instalation, there are two Open-path mid-infrared absortion gas analyzer integrated with a 3D sonic anemometer installed at two specific GuMNet sites (EG010-Herrería and EG901-Portátil).


EG006-Hoyas view on winter 2015