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PhDs and Master's thesis

PhD Thesis

Iryna Skulska: Governance and management of communal lands in mainland Portugal: results, current trends and future perspectives. ISA (Portugal). Supervisors: Dr. Francisco Rego & Dra. Cristina Montiel. Submitted for its defense.

Catarina Sequeira: Fire regimes and rural landscape dynamics in the Central Mountains Range: Estrela Massif and Ayllón Massif. UCM. Supervisors: Dra. Cristina Montiel & Dr. Francisco Rego. Defense: 29/06/2020. Highest qualification "cum laude".  

Lázaro Entrenas Martínez: Fire regimes and forest landscape dynamics in Madrid mountains. UCM. Supervisor: Dra. Cristina Montiel. Defense: 09/07/2014. Highest qualification "cum laude".

Andrea Lázaro García: Fire uses for land management: European context and case-study analysis in the mountain areas of the Mediterranean region. UAM. Supervisors: Dr. Luis Galiana & Dra. Cristina Montiel. Defense: 22/06/2011. Highest qualification "cum laude". 

Gema Herrero Corral: Wildland-urban interfaces as new territories at risk: analysis and regional characterization in Spain. UAM. Supervisors: Dr. Luis Galiana & Dra. Cristina Montiel. Defensa: 15/07/2011. Highest qualification "cum laude". 

Master's Thesis

Alberto Sanz Abuin: Reconstruction of fire scenarios in Enguera mountains, Spain. Defense: Complutense University of Madrid, 14 September 2018. Highest qualification. Download PDF

Lorena Valdés Cárdenas: Territories at wildfire risk in the West mountains of Madrid region: the case study of San Martín de Valdeiglesias. Defense: University Complutense of Madrid, June 2011. Highest qualification "cum laude". Download PDF

Lázaro Entrenas Martínez: Fire history of the Guadiato Valley (Córdoba). Defense: University Complutense of Madrid, July 2010. Highest qualification. 

PhD Thesis defense, 2014
PhD Thesis defense, 2014
Master's thesis presentation, 2011
Master's thesis presentation, 2011