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NetRiskWork Worshop: Emergency Management and Risk Governance

7 OCT 2018 - 15:09 CET

Professor Cristina Montiel has participated in the NetRiskWork Workshop "Emergency Management and Risk Governance towards Resilient Societies", organized by the Directorate General of Civil Defense of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia (Italy), from April 10th to 13th.

In this second Workshop of the European project "Networking for the European Risk Facility Initiative" funded by EU Civil Protection, partners from different European countries (Portugal, Spain, France, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Germany) have participated. They have presented scientific results and practical experiences related to multi-hazard emergency management, especially regarding floods and wildfires.

Field trips have allowed in situ analysis and discussion of emergencies and the adopted measures in the face of river flood and fire hazards at the wildland-urban interface

NetRiskWork Worshop: Emergency Management and Risk Governance - 1

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