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The UCM Master’s Degree in Flamenco is a MA adapted to the European Higher education standards with 60 recognised training credits. In this Masters, the theory and practice of flamenco is studied in depth with dance, singing and flamenco guitar workshops.

The Master's Degree in Flamenco is innovative, since currently studies in this discipline are not present in any public university in Madrid. Classes will be online, except for specific sessions that will be indicated in due time. In addition to this, the following professional opportunities are offered:

  • Music managemente: cultural institutions, music festivals, recitals and concert seasons where flamenco or musical formations are present.
  • Media: demand for qualified professionals capable of knowing and understanding flamenco in all its breadth, diversity and complexity.
  • Performance of flamenco: in classical performance spaces in the discipline, as well as in classical formations that require specialists in the knowledge of flamenco.
  • Analysis and transcription of flamenco: necessary for the recovery and interpretation of a repertoire that is increasingly in demand.

Helpful information

  • Director of the Master's: Elena Torres Clemente

  • Academic Coordinator: Inmaculada Matía Polo

  • Artistic coordinator: Francisco J. Bethencourt Llobet

  • Secretary: Eduardo Murillo Saborido, 

    Rosa María García Mira

  • Social media: Carlos Ruiz López
  • Email: flamenco@ucm.es

  • Location: School of Geography and History. Profesor Aranguren s/n, 28040 Madrid