Molecular Biology and Genetics laboratory

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This laboratory is for developing molecular techniques for genetic studies and genomic applications in taxonomy, biology and ecology of micro-and macro-organisms (lichens, fungi, pollen and vascular plants). The laboratory consists of several areas: general laboratory, refrigerated area, zone for electrophoresis, gel documentation chamber, and chambers for cultures.


Ground floor of the “old building” of the Faculty of Pharmacy with entrance through the Department of Plant Sciences II

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Principal technics

DNA Isolation, amplification and prurification

DNA cloning

Gel electrophoresis

Analysis of polymorphisms: microsatellites, AFLP's


Laboratory Infrastructure

PCR Thermalcyclers

Microcentrifuge and angular rotor centrifuge

Laminar flow cabinet

DNA electrophoresis equipment




Gel analysis and Image capturing equipment

Refrigerators (+4ºC y -20 ºC)

General laboratory equipments: weighing scales, autoclave, water baths, microwave