Freezing chamber

Among freezing DNA collections are relevant both high number of species and samples of Parmeliaceae (lichenized fungi) and of some genera of genisteae (Fabaceae, plants). There are also preserved precious material of specimens collected from different expeditions to specially interesting regions (biodiversity hot spots) and other collections of plants and fungi (lichenized or not) and mosses.

The Department of Plant Sciences II, has a  room of about 11m2 adapted as a freezing chamber. The chamber has a stable temperature of between -18 ° and -20 ° C, and provided with three alarms for better control and stability of temperature. The chamber is equipped with four shelves bodies, where DNA extracts of lichenized fungi and plants are kept. This facility has been funded by various research projects carried out in the Department. DNA samples are properly labelled and their GenBank accession numbers and herbarium samples (MAF) are available for each one.

Freeze chamber

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