Research Teams and Lines

Digital Public Space Research Network

In democratic societies, the public space represents a central site for the exercise of political power. Yet recent digitization has had a profound impact on the activities within and the meaning of the public space. Phenomena such as filter bubbles, echo chambers, and transnational solidarity movements all point to major changes in how we understand political action today. Such transformations require us to urgently revise the very ideas through which we understand the public space.

How do these changes reshape our conceptions of community, agency and subjectivity? What new methodological tools do we need to develop to address the public space? How can concepts of belonging, anyonmity, and publicity take on new meaning today?

The Digital Public Space Reseach Network seeks to pursue these questions. A collaboration between the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, KU Leuven and the University of Edinburgh, we bring together experts in philosophy, modern languages, film, intellectual history and political theory to address these new developments in the public space.

The DPSRN is funded by Una Europa and forms part of the DIGITALIZED! initiative, through the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange.