The research group "Applied Vision" is composed of proffesors and doctoral students from the Department of Optics II (Optometry and Vision) of the School of Optometry (Complutense University of Madrid).

This group works on projects of vision science and optometry to improve our understanding of the function of the human visual system and to transfer new knowledge into useful clinical test. Research topics include visual function and dysfunction in healthy and diseased eyes, especially impaired night vision and glare; development of psychophysical test to investigate the retinal function; the study of the reliability and concordance of optometric clinical tests; the study of the visual symptoms associated with the use of new technologies; and research on binocular vision and reading.

Our research with patients takes place at the School of Optometry at the Complutense University in collaboration with hospitals (H. Clinico San Carlos , H. del Henares), specialized clinics (ophthalmology, refractive surgery and optometry), with centers schools and senior centers .

The group is linked to the teaching of a Master "Optometry and Vision" and the PhD Program "Optics , Optometry and Vision", both from the Complutense University of Madrid. It also maintains collaboration with other universities such as the University of Manchester (UK).

Contact: Mª Cinta Puell Marín

E-mail:    Tlfo: 91 394 68 63

UCM - Faculty of Optics and Optometry  (307)

C/ Arcos de Jalón, 118

28037 Madrid

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