Jean Monnet Actions

Jean Monnet Actions

Objectives: The actions aim to support European integration in higher education.

Beneficiaries: Professors and researchers from social science areas specialised in International Law, European Economy, European Policy and History and other subjects related to European Integration.

Jean Monnet programme funds the following actions:

Teaching activities

Jean Monnet Chair: A symbolic term corresponding to a full-time teaching post with a specialization in European integration studies covering a minimum 90 teaching hours per academic year.

"Ad personam" Jean Monnet Chair: Teaching and research posts with a specialization in European integration studies. Reserved for former Jean Monnet Chair holders with evidence of high-level international teaching and publication record and/or  professors with a distinguished background as former high-level practitioners in the field of European integration.

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence: This is a clearly labelled multi-disciplinary structure pooling scientific, human and documentary resources for European integration studies and research within one or more universities.

European Module: This is a short programme of European integration study of minimum 40 teaching hours per academic year, which may be multi-disciplinary in approach.

Academic and research activities

Support for associations of professors and researchers specializing in European integration: Addresses associations whose explicit purpose is to contribute to the study of the European integration process and whose aim is to enhance the visibility of regional or national scientific and physical resources in this domain.

Support for information and research activities relating to European integration: Aims to promote discussion, reflection and knowledge about the European integration process.

Support for information and research activities for “Learning Europe at School: Aims to bring European Union facts and knowledge on its Institutions and its way of functioning at the level of primary and secondary schools and in vocational education and training. Primary and secondary schools are not eligible to apply under this call.

Jean Monnet multilateral research groups: A research partnership between at least three Jean Monnet Chairs from three different countries leading to the creation of an integrated academic network with a joint research plan and pluridisciplinary synergies in the field of European integration studies.

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