Requestes Documents


The applicants should be enrolled in UNA Europa HERITAGE DOCTORATE or be enrolled at one of the 8 Una Europa partner universities, in the 2nd year of doctoral studies or higher (at the time of the application).

Requested documents

  1. Abstract of the doctoral thesis (max. 500 words), 
  2. Curriculum vitae (max. 2 pages), 
  3. Letter of introduction from the thesis supervisor or other academic referee (max.300 words), 
  4. Essay (2000-2500 words). 

The candidates should submit a short essay referring to both the general concept of urban heritage and its challenges and to one of the four main cross cutting themes of the workshop. Our idea is to provide the candidates with an opportunity to reflect upon conflictual, disharmonic or polyphonic practices and interpretations of urban heritage in different contexts. Finally, we expect academic and critical essays which will include a presentation of a selected case(s) of urban heritage and at the same time will demonstrate the PhD student’s motivation to participate in this Una Europa event.