Cross cutting themes

During the workshop, we would like to explore and suggest some main cross-cutting themes related to the current challenges of urban heritage. One or more of the following cross-cutting themes and the questions related to them might usefully inform the proposals for this workshop:

  • The integral management of urban heritage. Is your research approach aspects related to cultural urban heritage management? What management dimensions do you work on? Economic, cultural, urbanistic, tourism dimensions…. What are the conditions and processes that affect this management?
  • Cultural heritage and the touristic city. Urban tourism is intimately linked to urban cultural heritage. To what extent does your doctoral research work on this aspect from different perspectives: heritage/tourism relationship, processes of heritage enhancement, sustainable management of heritage tourism development, heritage tourism planning, impacts of tourism on urban heritage…? 
  • Social participation and engagement. Does your research take into account the social dimension of the heritagization projects? How are social participation processes being integrated into the management of urban heritage? How are citizens involved in the processes of cultural valorization, heritagization and/or touristization of "other heritage"? Do citizens participate in the urban and cultural planning of heritage?...
  • New perspectives: towards the smart urban heritage? To what extent does your research take into consideration the new digital universe on which the classical tasks of studying and managing urban cultural heritage are now beginning to rely? Do you wonder how cultural heritage will be integrated into the horizon of the metaverse, as a new (meta)reality or (meta)space of social and economic interaction?