With respect to knowledge transfer and outreach, the Unit organize several activities:


1) The Madrid Science Week is a major annual investment of effort. The Unit is participating in this event that takes place every November month, since 2010. In these activities both undergraduate and graduate students working with those the Unit members are involved. A few examples are the following.

  • The Spark Chamber: A small spark chamber is used to visualize the tracks of cosmic muons. With the assistance of this popular device, different audiences learn about cosmic rays, elementary particles, detectors, etc.
  • Radioactivity and the Cloud Chamber: the tracks left in a cloud chamber by radioactive sources allows distinguishing alpha particles, beta rays and the cosmic background.
  • "Workshop on General Relativity"
  • "100 years with Einstein": key concepts of relativity and computer simulations targeted to a public of high school students in their teens.
  • Guided tours to the astronomical observatory (at the top of the Faculty of Physics building) with public solar and night observations where all the years many individual people, groups and schools have participated.

2) In addition, the observatory opens the doors again during the "World Space Week" celebrated each year in October to bring the enthusiasm about science from space to everyone.