The UPARCOS-UCM Unit (Unidad de Física de PARtículas y del COSmos de la UCM) has been officially created by the Governing Council of University Complutense de Madrid (september 26, 2016) and confirmed by the Social Council (september 29, 2016).

UPARCOS-UCM  was formed by the union of five officially recognized Complutense research groups. These are:

- TEFM: Effective theories in Modern Physics (PI: A. Dobado)

- GFN: Nuclear Physics (PI: J. M. Udías)

- GAE: High Energy Physics (PI: F. Arqueros)

- GUAIX: Extragalactic and Instrumental Astrophysics (PI: J. Gallego)

- SEEF: Stellar Systems, Spectroscopy and Photometry (PI: D. Montes).

These groups are spearheading research in Physics of Particles and the Cosmos and have been collaborating for over six years in the framework of two Consolider-Ingenio large-scale national projects, CPAN and MultiDark, and also the AstroMadrid R&D program of the Comunidad de Madrid. Moreover, a strong collaboration has also been maintained in postgraduate training in both Master and Doctorate programs.