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Experimental techniques and models

Experimental Techniques

The Neurovascular Research Unit (UIN) has its laboratories in Pavilion III of the Faculty of Medicine at the Complutense University of Madrid. They occupy 240 m2 of which 30% are dedicated to offices and meeting places and 70% to 6 laboratories:

1. General Laboratory with refrigerators/freezers (-80ºC and -40ºC), cold room, ultrafiltration water services, radioactive facilities, etc.

2. Laboratory for enzymatic/analytical techniques with HPLC system, spectrophotometers, microplate readers, flow cytometer, etc.


3. Molecular biology laboratory with equipment for DNA, RNA and protein analysis such as thermal cyclers, gel documentation systems, PCR and qRT-PCR, Nanodrop, etc.

4. Cell Culture Unit with laminal flow hood, two incubators and nucleofector system.

5. Laboratory for experimental models of stroke with 6 rat/mouse animal surgery stations with all the necessary equipment (inhalation anaesthesia, binocular magnifying glasses, electro-scalpel, micromanipulation equipment, non-invasive pressure transducer, digital camera, video, portable blood autoanalyser, Doppler equipment for measuring brain flow for animals, etc.)


6. Microscopy laboratory with digital image analysis equipment, 2 transmitted light and epifluorescence microscopes -one direct and one inverted-, stereology and neuronal reconstruction software (StereoInvestigator and Neurolucida; Microbrightfield; Volocity, Perkin Elmer) and Zeiss LSM-710 spectral confocal microscope.