The Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan (MOST) has opened the call for 2018 Summer Program in Taiwan for Spanish Graduate Students.


Through this program, the MOST intends to provide grants to Spanish graduate students interested in undergoing a first-hand research experience in Taiwan. The goals of the program are to introduce students to Taiwanese cultural, scientific and technological development, and to initiate personal relationships that will better enable them to collaborate with foreign counterparts in the future.


Application is open to students from all fields of study. A maximum of 10 grants will be offered in 2018.



About the program

The Ministry of Science and Technology will grant up to 10 Spanish graduate students with an allowance of 50,000 Taiwanese dollars, of which 18% of taxes will be deducted (1 euro ≈ NT$ 35.6 in October).


This grant will cover an 8-week stay from June 25 to August 17, 2018. Participants must imperatively respect these dates and stay these 8 weeks to receive the whole grant. Students can begin their internships earlier and/or staying later, as long as the duration includes the above mentioned dates. They will take in charge this extra time on their own financial resources.


MOST will contract a university which will host a 5-day orientation session (June 25-29). The students will be provided with an introduction to Chinese language and Taiwanese culture. Participation in the whole session is compulsory.


MOST will hold a seminar in Taipei in the 8th (final) week of the internship. We strongly recommend that all grant holders participate in the seminar and share their achievements and experience during their stay in Taiwan.


Forms and guidelines are available on our website:

Application and recommendation forms and required documents are to be sent by email to or by postal mail to:


Madame Nathalie LAUVERGNIER Service Sciences et Technologies

Bureau de Représentation de Taipei en France 78 rue de l’Université



Deadline: January 16, 2018.


Results will be announced by mid-March 2018.



Bureau de Représentation de Taipei en France Service des Sciences et Technologies

Madame Nathalie LAUVERGNIER 78 rue de l’Université

75007 Paris, France

Tel.: +33 (0)1 44 39 88 58

Fax: +33 (0)1 44 39 88 78

E-mail :









The applicant must:

  • be of Spanish nationality
  • be enrolled either as a Master or PhD student in a Spanish university
  • have a good proficiency in English
  • have found their host institution in Taiwan by the time of application deadline




The complete application must be sent by January 16, 2018 (reception date) and will include:

  • the application form (typewritten)
  • at least 2 recommendation forms
  • the latest academic transcript
  • a copy of student ID card
  • a copy of ID or passport
  • the host letter from the Taiwanese supervisor* (to be received before January 16)
  • the topic or the title of the training
    • If sent by email, all these documents should be preferably converted into PDF files.


*Host  letter  can  be  a formal  invitation  or  an e-mail  sent  to confirming the professor will host the candidate for the duration of the program.



How to find a host institution:

You can be hosted in any Taiwanese university or institution in Taiwan.

You  will find  the  complete  list of  Taiwanese  universities on  the  English  website  of  the Ministry of Education here.

You can also visit this website:


Some research institutions:  Academia Sinica (

NARL – National Applied Research Laboratories (

-          National Nano Device Laboratories (NDL)

-          National Laboratory Animal Center (NLAC)

-          National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE)

-          National Space Organization (NSPO)

-          National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC)

-          National Chip Implementation Center (CIC)

-          Instrument Technology Research Center (ITRC)

-          Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI)

-          National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction (NCDR)

-          Taiwan Ocean Research Institute (TORI)

-          Taiwan Typhoon and Flood Research Institute (TTFRI)

-          Biomedical Technology and Product Research Center (BTPRC) ITRI – Industrial Technology Research Institute (

AITS – Asian Institute of TeleSurgery / Ircad Taiwan ( NHRI – National Health Research Institutes ( TLRI – Taiwan Livestock Research Institute ( National Palace Museum (


Directly contact professors dealing with your field of study to explain your expectations, the topic which you would like to work on.



Selection process:

After the deadline, complete applications will be studied by representatives from both Taiwan and Spain. These representatives will then attend a joint review meeting and proceed to the selection of 5 students among the candidates with confirmed host  institutions. A secondary list may be established in case of withdrawals.


The results will be announced to all the applicants by email by mid-March 2018.







The selected candidate will:

  • find housing or ask host institution to arrange housing on the campus (except during orientation week)
  • take in charge the round-trip air ticket between Spain and Taiwan
  • take in charge health insurance for the period of their stay in Taiwan (usually, simply by adding a specific contract to the student insurance)
  • attend the orientation week from the first day and participate in  the  organized activities
  • join the host institution just after the orientation session until at least August 17
  • submit a final report to the Ministry of Science and Technology





For stays up to 90 days:

For Spanish passport holders, no visa is required. You must simply hold a passport with validity of at least 6 months upon departure from  Taiwan. The  duration of stay  is not extendable.


For stays longer than 90 days:

You have to ask for a 60-day single entry visa. When in Taiwan, you will be able to apply for a maximum of two 60-day extensions at local service centers of the National Immigration Agency (See below in “IN TAIWAN” section).

  • Fee: 43 euros in cash or by check at the time of visa application
  • Validity: 3 months, allows up to 60-day stay
  • Required documents:

-     completed and signed application form (General Visa Applications)

-     original passport (with validity of at least 6 months upon departure)

-     round-trip ticket (original + copy)

-     approval letter issued by the Ministry of Education (to be obtained by your host institution)

-     two recent passport-size photos (in color)


For any information regarding visa issues, please contact: Oficina Economica y Cultural de Taipei

Calle Rosario Pino 14-16, Piso 18 Derecha 28020 Madrid

Tel.: 91- 571 46 78


Openings: Monday to Friday: 09.00-14:00  Website






Participation in the orientation week is compulsory. Failure to attend from the first day will jeopardize the attribution of the grant.

A university will be contracted by the MOST to organize the orientation session including Chinese lessons and cultural activities. The coordinator will contact you by e-mail to organize your arrival in Taiwan. The most convenient way is to arrive in Taiwan on June 24, 2018 (Sunday). You will be accommodated for free until June 29 (Friday).

The contracted university will be also responsible for distributing the grant.



Duration of stay:

You have to stay in Taiwan at least the 8 weeks covered by the grant (orientation session + the 7 following weeks at the host institution) to receive the whole grant. Incomplete weeks will not be paid



Visa extension:

Visitor visa can be extended twice for a maximum stay of 180 days within 15 days before the expiry date.

You have to go to one of the service centers of National Immigration Agency to apply for a 90-day extension. Required documents:

-        visa extension application form

-        passport with visa without a stamp of no-extension

-        return flight ticket

-        letter from your host professor and/or certificate of participation





National Immigration Agency  

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