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Proyecto de investigación “Representaciones artístico-literarias intermediales como herramientas de expresión y de (de) construcción de una identidad y valores europeos en estudiantes universitarios”. Proyecto bianual (enero 2016-diciembre 2017) Coordinator: Xiana Sotelo (Universidad Francisco de Vitoria)

  • This project follows a proposal from the European Parliament (official launch on 23 April 2013 in Brussel Document that promotes the implication of artists, intellectuals and people from the world of culture to help reconnect Europe with its citizens  as a major step towards creating a new European public space.
  • The project offers ways to stimulate the European public space by opening avenues through education (bottom-up) to change people's frame of mind towards forms of greater conection in Europe.  Both a project and a process designed to involve artists, scientists, writers, intellectuals and all kinds of cultural practitioners in an effort to reconnect the European Union with its citizens. It is also a call to a moral and political responsibility, not only to institutions and politicians but to every citizen to debate Europe’s future.