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Ongoing projects

Ministry of Science and Innovation - Directed projects:

  • Macroeconomic and Financial Effects of Monetary Policy and Risk Assessment in Asset Markets. Director: Alfonso Novales Cinca
  • Application of Subspace Methods: Mass Analysis of Historical and Financial Data. Director: Miguel Jerez Méndez
  • Imperfectly competitive markets: theoretical and empirical analysis. Regulation, and demand. Director:Teodosio Perez Amaral
  • New Developments in De Jure and De Facto Exchange Rate Regimes. Director: Simon Sosvilla Rivero
  • Subspace Techniques: Specification and estimation of Minimal Parameterization and Dynamic Factor Models. Director: Sonia Sotoca López

Ministry of Science and Innovation - participation:

  • Prices and wages in Latin America, 1700-1913. A long-term comparative perspective. Director: Rafael Dobado González
  • New methods for the selection of leading economic indicators in the estimation and prediction of multivariate factor models. Director: Antonio García Ferrer

Other public organizations - participation:

  • Corporate bond rating: impact of liquidity (funded by: Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha) Director: Antonio Díaz

Fundación Ramón Areces - Directed projects:

  • Learning, consumption habitat and forward premium puzzle in foreign exchange markets. Director: Jesús Ruíz Andújar
  • Research and Development as distinct and complementary determinants of innovation and productivity. Director: Andrés Barge Gil

Fundación Ramón Areces - participation:

  • Individual effort and its reliance on school and family environment as key factors in school performance. Director: Pedro Landeras.