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A research team leaded by Professor Alfonso Novales (FAEII) seleccted by Bank of Spain

9 mar 2016 - 13:09 CET

The Complutense University research team, Análisis Cuantitativo de Política Económica y Mercados Financieros, has been awarded a grant from the Bank of Spain to target "Identification and prediction of systemic shocks. Analysis of the macroeconomic determinants of financial risks and its cross-sectional implications. " The research team, which includes researchers from the University  CEU-Cardenal Herrera OriaUniversity of Alicante, Carlos III University of MadridPublic University of NavarraUniversitat Jaume I, UNED and the Ministry of Economy and Competitiviness of Spain, is leaded by Professor Alfonso Novales from the Department of Quantitative Ecnomics and Instituto de Análisis Económico (ICAE) at the Complutene University of Madrid. 

Summary of results obtained from the project 

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