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PHYSIS Research Visitors

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PHYSIS welcomes stays of visitors from abroad to do research visits on central topics of analytic metaphysics with us at Universidad Complutense de Madrid as official UCM visiting researchers. Our past and current research visitors include:


John Heil (Washington University in St Louis): 2016-2017

Paolo Valore (State University of Milan): 2017-2018

Mirco Sambrotta (University of Granada): 2017-2018

Otávio Bueno (University of Miami): 2018-2019

Samuele Chilovi (University of Barcelona): 2018-2019

Alexandre Declos (Collège de France): 2019-2020

Bruno Borge (University of Buenos Aires): 2019-2020

Benjamin Hellie (University of Toronto): 2019-2020

Jessica Wilson (University of Toronto): 2019-2020

Otávio Bueno (University of Miami): 2019-2020

Baptiste Le Bihan (University of Geneva): 2019-2020