Research Teams and Lines

  • PalMA ca. 2010

    PalMA ca. 2010

  • PalMA ca. 2012

    PalMA ca. 2012

Who we are

PalMA emerged as a group of young researchers focused on paleoclimatology at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Due to the constant effort and motivation of all the members of the group, PalMA has grown fast. This growth has been noticeable not only in people, but also in the knowledge areas. Indeed, nowadays PalMA contains two main branches of research: paleoclimate, wind climatology. In 2008, PalMA was officially recognised by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid as one of its research groups, headed by J. Fidel González-Rouco and Marisa Montoya.

What we do

PalMA group has experience in the use of global models of varying complexity for the simulation of the past and future climate, as well as using regionalization techniques (statistical and dynamical downscaling) in combination with observations in order to study climatic variables at more local scales. The group also studies the role of the ocean in climate. M. Montoya and J. F. González Rouco develop their research activities in the context of paleoclimatic analysis issues at different temporal scales. One type of problem has to do with abrupt climate events in the context of the last glacial period. Another type of study are related to the simulation and analysis of climate variability over the last millennium. In this context the group has been using “state of the art”models and models of intermediate complexity (EMICs). 


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