Research projects

Principal Investigator - R&D Spanish Programme

-CGL2020: A new four-years project application has been presented in December 2020.

-CGL2016-76438-P – Allochthonous terranes of the SW Iberian Massif: Distribution, geochronology and isotopic sources.

(2017-2020). 14 Researchers. 122000 euros.

-CGL2012-34618 – The assembly of Pangea: Critical events in the basement of western Europe.

(2013-2015). 12 Researchers. 120000 euros.

-CGL2007-65338-C02-01 (Consolider project) – From Rodinia to Pangea: 1100 Ma of geological history at the basement of NW Iberia.

(2007-2012). 8 Researchers. 203000 euros.

-CGL2004-04306-CO2-02 – Peri-Gondwanan terranes of the NW Iberian Massif.

(2004-2007). 7 Researches. 69000 euros.

-BTE2001-0963-CO2-02 - An island arc thrust in Galicia? The Upper Units of the Allochthonous Complexes of NW Iberia.

(2001-2004). 6 Researches. 102000 euros.

-PB97-0234-CO2-01 - Subductive processes, high pressure metamorphism and initial dynamics of the Variscan orogenic wedge in the NW of the Iberian Massif.

(1998-2001) – 8 Researches. 14000000 psts.

-PB94-1396-CO2-02 – The allochthonous terranes above the suture in the Órdenes Complex: Dynamic context and tectonothermal evolution (NW Iberian Massif).

(1995-1998). 5 Researches. 9000000 psts.

-PB91-0192-CO2-02 – Structure, origin and evolution of the Órdenes Complex.

(1992-1995). 3 Researches. 7000000 psts.

-PB88-0145-CO2-01 – Magmatism and Paleozoic tectonometamorphic evolution of the Allochthonous Complexes of the NW Iberian Massif.

(1989-1992). 6 Researches. 7000000 psts.