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Open PhD Positions in Quantum Science and Technology in Munich

2 nov 2023 - 14:08 CET

The International Max Planck Research School for Quantum Science and Technology and the Munich Quantum Valley Doctoral Fellowship Program (IMPRS-QST and MQV) are now recruiting doctoral students for a start in fall 2024.

Fields of research covered by the IMPRS-QST and MQV include atomic physics and quantum optics, solid-state physics and material science, quantum information theory, quantum many-body systems, as well as aspects of both electrical engineering and computer science. Interested master students may apply to both programs or to one of them only.

The IMPRS-QST, based in Munich, is a joint program of the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München and the Technical University of Munich. It offers an excellent and coherent graduate program with basic and advanced courses, soft skills training, industry contacts, and an international and interdisciplinary environment in strong exchange with partner programs. More information on IMPRS-QST can be found here.

The Munich Quantum Valley promotes quantum science and quantum technologies in Bavaria with the primary goal of developing and operating competitive quantum computers. The MQV doctoral fellows selected through the open call may freely choose to join any research group involved in research on Quantum Science and Technology at any Bavarian university. More information on MQV doctoral fellowships can be found by the link here.

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