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PhD position in non-equilibrium quantum many-body information (theory) at Mainz

10 abr 2023 - 17:48 CET

We welcome applications for a doctoral position in the Institute for Theoretical Physics at the Johannes Gutenberg University (JGU) of Mainz to work under the joint supervision of Prof. J. Marino (https://sites.google.com/view/nequantumuniv) and Prof. F. Schmidt-Kaler (https://www.quantenbit.physik.uni-mainz.de)

The appointed candidate will be a highly-motivated, qualified, and independent researcher, keen to join our research teams. Starting date is flexible.

Research in many body quantum info at JGU focuses on models of hybrid quantum circuits and applications to trapped ions quantum computers, with an interdisciplinary approach encompassing statistical mechanics and condensed
matter physics. For the advertised position we envisage collaborations with the team of Prof. K. Schmidt at the University of Erlangen (https://theorie1.physik.uni- erlangen.de/people/kaschm/) in the hub of two research consortia ("QuCoLiMa" and "TopDyn") linking Mainz and Erlangen to several other research institutions in Germany.

Our research activity is in synergy with several international teams located in Europe and in the USA, and it is linked to several research alliances pivoting around JGU, including the interdisciplinary centre for spin physics, SPICE.

Review of the applications will start immediately. Job interviews will be held approximatively every 3 weeks until the position is filled. In case no suitable candidate is selected in the time frame of the next 2-3 months, the position will be advertised again till this vacancy is filled.

Applications should include:

1) curriculum vitae;
2) transcript of records of bachelor and master studies, with marks for each of the classes attended;
3) names and e-mail contacts of senior scholars for letters of recommendation (please, do not ask to send letters at the moment)
4) scientific description of master thesis (no longer than half page)

to the e-mail address dissipativequantummanybodyjgu@gmail.com

Please do not include in the application any cover letter or research summary/plan at the moment.

It is not necessary to hold a master degree at the time of the application; this is a requirement only at the time of employment.

JGU is committed to increasing the proportion of women in science and research and therefore encourages women to apply.

Disabled persons with suitable qualifications will be considered preferentially.

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