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PhD position in the ATLAS experiment at IFAE-Barcelona

3 feb 2023 - 15:51 CET

The High Energy Physics Institute in Barcelona (IFAE-Barcelona) announces the
opening of a Predoctoral Position to participate in its hadron collider experimental
program using the ATLAS detector at the LHC. IFAE is one of the top research centers
in Spain conducting experimental and theoretical research at the frontier of
fundamental physics, as well as developing cutting-edge detector technology. In 2012
and 2016, IFAE was awarded the distinction of “Severo Ochoa” Centre of Excellence
by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

General information about IFAE is available at http://www.ifae.es.
IFAE maintains a strong presence in the ATLAS experiment at CERN’s Large Hadron
Collider (LHC), with major responsibilities on the calibration and maintenance of the
TileCal hadronic calorimeter and the Level-1 Topological Trigger system, and
participates in the Pixel detector upgrade. The IFAE-ATLAS group has developed an
exciting and broad research program that includes precision measurements of the top
quark (e.g., four-top-quark production) and the Higgs boson (e.g., top-Higgs Yukawa
coupling), and searches for new phenomena beyond the Standard Model (e.g.,
supersymmetry, vector-like fermions, leptoquarks, additional light or heavy Higgs

The successful PhD candidate will join the IFAE-ATLAS group and will participate in
first-class research with the ATLAS detector. He/she will play a leading role in physics
analysis using the full Run 2 and Run 3 datasets, and participate in the maintenance
and operation of the ATLAS detector.

Interested candidates with an excellent CV, a demonstrable English level, a pro-active
attitude and good communications skills, are encouraged to apply.

IFAE is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity in the workplace, and we
welcome applications from all qualified candidates. Women are particularly encouraged
to apply.

For more information on the proposed research projects, eligibility criteria, and the
overall application process, please contact Dr. Aurelio Juste (juste@ifae.es) and Dr.
Imma Riu (imma.riu@ifae.es) by February 20, 2023.

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