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2 PhD positions in Theoretical Quantum Physics at the University of Luxembourg

3 ene 2023 - 01:16 CET

There are two Ph.D. openings in the group of the Quantum Theory Group at U. of Luxembourg with a focus on Theoretical Quantum Physics.

Research topics include:

I) Adiabatic quantum computing, quantum annealing, quantum algorithms, adiabatic theorem for many-body systems, random matrix theory and complex quantum systems, shortcuts to adiabaticity, numerical and analytical methods for disordered spin systems, and mathematical physics.

II) Dynamics of phase transitions, Kibble-Zurek mechanism and beyond, theory of ultracold gases, solitons and vortices, numerical simulation of Bose-Einstein condensates, spatial statistics, and related concepts.


Fur further information contact to:

Dr. Adolfo del Campo
Full Professor
University of Luxembourg
DPHYMS, Limpertsberg Campus
L-1511 Luxembourg, G. D. Luxembourg
& Donostia International Physics Center 


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