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PhD positions in Quantum Information and Many-Body Physics in Vienna

16 nov 2023 - 14:23 CET

PhD and Postdoc positions are available in the Research Group "Quantum Information and Quantum Many-Body Physics", led by Norbert Schuch, at the University of Vienna.
Topics of interest cover the whole range from quantum information and computation to quantum many-body physics, with a focus on tensor networks and related methods.  
Research topics covered in the group include:
  • Theory of tensor networks, classification of phases
  • Development of tensor network algorithms and simulation methods for quantum many-body systems
  • Topological order and spin liquids
  • Quantum Algorithms (in particular for the simulation of many-body problems and for NISQ devices)
  • Entanglement Theory
  • Mathematical theory of quantum many-body systems
  • Quantum Complexity Theory
More information on the group and topics can be found at https://schuch.univie.ac.at/.
Candidates interested in the above topics or in related areas are encouraged to apply. PhD candidates should have a background in theoretical physics, mathematics, or computer science; skills specific to the chosen research project are not a prerequisite and can be acquired during the course of the PhD. Postdocs should either have demonstrated a background in a related field of research, or otherwise clarify why they would like to change research directions; again, there is the opportunity to acquire specific additional skills as needed.
Applications should be emailed to schuch-office.quantum@univie.ac.at, Subject: "PhD Application" or "Postdoc Application", and contain the following material:
1) For PhD applicants: A comprehensive CV (including certificates & grades from bachelor and master studies), a brief cover letter (max. 1 page), explaining the motivation for joining the group, and the contact data of at least one referee who can provide a letter of recommendation upon request; preferably all in one PDF file.  
2) For Postdoc applicants: A comprehensive CV (including a list of publications & talks), relevant certificates and grades, a brief description of future research plans (about 2-3 pages), and the contact data of at least two referees who can provide a letter of recommendation upon request; preferably all in one PDF file.

Deadline for initial consideration is December 11th, 2023, but later applications will be considered until the positions are filled; see https://schuch.univie.ac.at/join-us/ to check whether the call is still open.

Starting dates are flexible. For more information, including salaries, benefits, etc., see https://schuch.univie.ac.at/join-us/.


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