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PhD in Quantum Information Theory at the University of Valencia

5 jul 2022 - 16:55 CET

We are offering a PhD position in quantum information theory and metrology at the University of Valencia.

The candidate will work with Dr. Manuel Gessner in the Department of Theoretical Physics. We collaborate at the University of Valencia with Prof. Armando Pérez as well as internationally with partners in Barcelona, Paris, and Florence.

We develop and employ methods from quantum information theory for the study of quantum measurements and quantum correlations. We also explore implementations of our ideas in quantum optical and atomic systems towards the development of quantum technologies, in particular in quantum metrology. Subjects for a PhD thesis may address one of the following lines of research:

- Quantum information tools for the theory of quantum measurements,

- Quantum-enhanced strategies for precision measurements in quantum optics,

- Theory and detection of entanglement and nonlocality in many-body systems.

Further information on our research activities can be found on our website: https://sites.google.com/view/qinfo.

The offered position is funded by a CDEIGENT grant within the Plan GenT of the Generalitat Valenciana.

Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Manuel Gessner manuel.gessner@icfo.eu for more information. Applicants should send the following documents:

-               Cover letter

-               Curriculum Vitae

-               Contact information of two referees

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