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Call for PhD applications at GSSI

17 may 2022 - 16:36 CET

Call for 9 PhD positions at the Gran Sasso Science Institute within the Astroparticle Physics programme.  Details can be found here and at the links therein (e.g. here).


One position (possibly two positions if funds will become available) will be co-funded by INAF and will focus on “Multi Messenger astronomy: dense stellar systems and compact object mergers observed by the current and next-generation of electromagnetic and gravitational-wave observatories” (Supervisors: M. Branchesi, M. Cantiello). Please note that in order to apply for this position, you need to send the specific application for it.


The deadline for the applications is June 1st. We plan to complete the selections within the end of June. Activities will start on November 1st. Applicants should get their masters within October.

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