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Trainee Researches

Trainee Researches

Name Position1 Department2 Research group Researcher ID ORCID
Nuria, Álvarez Crespo Postdoc EMFTEL GAE ABH-5375-2020 0000-0001-5099-7169
Jaime, Benito García Postdoc EMFTEL GFN   0000-0002-0351-7027
Pablo, Galve Lahoz Postdoc EMFTEL   CAJ-5839-2022 0000-0003-4507-898X
José M., Sánchez Velázquez Postdoc FT TEFM C-7645-2019 0000-0002-8414-4356
Pablo, Santos del Peral Postdoc FTA GUAIX DQL-7727-2022 0000-0002-8873-1048
Héctor, Villarrubia Rojo Postdoc  Margarita Salas      AAV-1868-2021 0000-0002-0831-9521

All researchers work in the scientific area of Phyiscs and Space Sciences, FyCCE: Física y Ciencias del Espacio


Postdoc-: Post-doctoral contract


EMFTEL: Department of Structure of Matter, Thermal and Electronic Physics

FTA: Department of Earth Physics and Astrophysics

FT: Department of Theoretical Physics

3: Research Group:

GAE: High Energy Physics

GFN: Nuclear Physics

GUAIX: Extragalactic and Instrumental Astrophysics

SEEF: Stellar Systems, Spectroscopy and Photometry

TEFM: Effective theories, Particle Physics and Cosmology