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What We Do

The Complutense Institute for International Studies belongs to a public University, thus is committed to public service. The Institute is obligated to reinvest the resources that the Institution entrusts, onto Spain´s society, address public problems and respond to the necessities of a modern, globalized and integrated society, like Spain´s, with applied scientific knowledge. Therefore, the research agenda cannot fail to address the problems confronting the Spanish society, especially those related to international relations, from a multidisciplinary perspective.The Institute is a University institution and its activities focus on the following areas:

Academic InstructionPrimarily in postgraduate international studies. The Institute offers specialized courses and instructions, as well as Master´s programs, and is currently pursing research accreditation that would allow it to offer a multidisciplinary doctoral program in international studies. These programs adhere to the highest of academic standards with a diverse faculty of experts in various fields. The difficult situation of scarce resources at the University and an increase in cost of education have obliged the Institute to launch new programs in the field of training with personalized instruction and online course offerings, however, without compromising the high academic standards of its programs.

Research:Propelling teams and conducting analysis that allow the Institute to serve as a public reference in the field of international studies. In pursuit of this goal, we bring forth a variety of informed perspectives with teams of researchers from around the globe to improve the academic depth of research and allow for more ambitious projects confronting a greater magnitude of international phenomena. This distinction gives the Institute the ability to diffuse its research at an international level with a standard of quality achieved thanks to the resources of the Complutense University of Madrid.

Expert Assistance and Assessment:In response to studies and reports by the University, administration, private firms, international organizations and others, it is true that the Institute has dwindled within the past years. However, the Institute, under its public vocation, remains committed to providing pertinent research and information on subjects of utmost social interest and importance at a level of quality and rigor that speaks for itself.

Discussion and DebateIn an era of global communications and integrated societies, it is important for institutions to incorporate modern technology and communications to successfully develop their public profile. The ultimate goal is to host conferences, seminars and public events to promote discussion and debates of prominent social issues in Spanish society and to demonstrate the important role the Complutense University plays in this process as a public institution of higher learning. This effort also demands the Institute to diffuse its research and findings as a way of improving public discourse, whilst bearing in mind the context these findings have within the framework of Spanish relations within the European Union, Latin America and the Mediterranean. Research grounded in such an international agenda must also address a variety of disciplines dealing with the future challenges Spain faces in its relations with the rest of the world, especially those countries which it shares important political, economic, cultural and social ties. However this does not signify the institute solely focuses on international relations, on the contrary, the diverse, global group of researchers working with the Institute enables us to conduct multidisciplinary research spanning various geopolitical regions. ICEI maintains its objective to expand its intellectual and academic reach by incorporating new research and researchers. As observed with research on themes like security and resolving conflict ICEI has achieved in countries such as Magreb, África Subsahariana, and Geoestrategia.

The Institute does not specifically limit its scope of research, but one could consider four main principles to be the guiding force behind our work:

  • The first is our belief as an organization that as part of an international community, it is our duty to educate the public in order to confront the risks and pitfalls of global governance in an increasingly integrated world, its institutions, and Spain´s role in it.
  • The second is the idea that the pursuit of global peace and justice demands that international relations be based on a framework of mutual benefit, and obligates those who share this goal to carefully study those factors which continually threaten international security.
  • The third is the conviction that global peace and governance cannot succeed without first addressing the problems of poverty and inequality in society. Therefore, the pursuit of that goal needs the study of international trends in inequality, and how they might be corrected.
  • The fourth is the certainty that global progress means the international community must mediate economic growth with the need for environmental sustainability if we wish to maintain prosperity in the future; hence the study of factors behind economic growth and the risks to the global environment.

In these times of crisis, it is most important, more than ever, to contribute a comprehensive body of research to combat inequality and promote economic growth. To complete these tasks, the ICEI hopes to rely on the support of the Complutense University, our alma matter and rational institution, as we look to establish a strategic research agenda for the future.