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The Complutense Institute of International Studies was founded by the Board of Trustees of the Complutense University of Madrid on 10 July, 1997, with the goal of providing a center for advanced research in the field of international studies.

Our mission is to advance the international presence of Spain, the community of Madrid, and the Complutense University, as an open forum for debate and analysis in which the the whole of scientific, political, business, and civil society in general are invited to participate..

The Institute primarily serves as a research arm of the Complutense University in the field of international studies, and in keeping with Article 10.1 of the Fundamental Law of Universities (la Ley Orgánica de Universidades), has established the following objectives:

  • The multidisciplinary scientific research of international phenomena, with special attention to European integration and Spanish foreign relations.

  • Specialized courses in international studies.

  • In depth assessment to identify agents and factors pertinent to the study of international relations.

  • To promote the scientific and academic presence of the community of Madrid and the Complutense University of Madrid at an international level.

  • To create an atmosphere for discussion, debate, and exchange of ideas to publish cognizance relevant to the field of international relations.