The program focuses primarily on processes of economic development and cooperation, specifically on the role gender can play in these processes at the national and international levels. In addition, we seek to promote the study of these phenomena in the context of gender studies, coordinating the Master"s Program in Gender and Development in collaboration with the Women"s Institute of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality. The scope of our work includes the following:


  • Research and gender studies in collaboration with other ICEI projects
  • Additional research for ICEI publications, especially on international development and cooperation, providing an enrichment of perspectives on gender equality and opportunity.
  • Advancing gender studies in the field of international aid and development
  • Hosting national and international seminars on gender, economic development and equality
  • Studying the role of gender in organizational processes and management
  • Promoting gender studies in the context of economic development and equality in collaboration with a variety of organizations, national and international, public and private, in Spain and Latin America.
  • Providing a database of organizations working with gender studies, women"s rights and equality in Latin America and Africa.

Research / Collaborations / Activities
  • Administration of the Master"s Program in Gender and Development
  • Organization of international seminars
  • Training Courses for the AECID
  • Intermittent participation in the Master"s Program at the Diplomatic School of Spain (2007-present)
  • Participation in the Master"s Program of International Cooperation and Sustainable Development (IAEE)
  • Collaborative research (with DGPOLDE, AECID…)
  • Participation in seminars, panel discussions and conferences
  • Collaboration with the Gender and Development program of the IUDC
  • Publications with the ICEI
  • International Seminar: “Social Work, Gender, Education and Development. Lessons and Shared Experiences in Spain and Nigeria” (PCI-AECID) (Reference: AP/040516/11). 13/11/2011- 13/06/2013
  • Viability study for the creation of a research program on social and economic development. (DGPOLDE). 01/09/2011-31/03/2013
  • “Analysis of postgraduate university programs in gender and development: A study of cases from Latin America, Europe and Asia” (DGPOLDE). 01/01/2009-30/04/2009
  • Consultation with Central American University for the implementation of a postgraduate program in Gender and Public Policy (VI convocation of UCM Programs in Cooperation and Development). 01/07/2007-01/07/2008
  • Formal agreement with the Women"s Institute and Fundación Carolina and regarding the administration of the Master"s Program in Gender and Development.

Program Director
 Begoña Leyra Fatou
Begoña Leyra Fatou


Master"s Program in Gender and Development



  • Launch of the 11th Edition of the Master´s Program in Gender and Development, 28 October, 2014