The Unión Iberoamericana de Universidades (UIU) is a partnership network including Universidade de São Paulo (USP), Universitat de Barcelona (UB), Universidad de Buenos Aires (UAB), Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). The UIU is now accepting proposals for the 2017 UIU Research Collaboration Fund, maintained by Santander Bank. Projects will be evaluated based upon scientific and scholarly merit of proposals and the availability of resources. These awards will support substantive engagement that leads to high quality outputs, such as international research training for graduate students or early career faculty, publication of joint papers from collaborative research, and subsequently joint research bids. Proposals should be jointly submitted by faculty from at least three of the UIU partner institutions, unless stated otherwise on Section 2.2. Priority will be given to proposals with at least one team member from the other continent






The Unión Ibero-American Universities Union aims to create a platform for international collaboration enabling academics and students to work together on issues of common interests.




2.1. Goals of this award


  • To promote and facilitate high quality and long term collaboration between faculty/researchers at UIU partners in areas of strategic importance.
  • To promote academic mobility.
  • To facilitate the publication of high quality joint research papers.
  • To facilitate the submission of high quality research bids.



2.2. Eligibility: applicants


  • Proposals are invited from permanent faculty/research professionals[1] at Universidade de São Paulo, Universitat de Barcelona, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, and Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
  • The priority areas for proposal submissions are:
    • Communicable Diseases
    • Smart Cities
    • Biodiversity
    • Museums and Patrimony
    • Hispanic-Portuguese Studies

All proposals in these areas must involve collaboration between university-eligible faculty from at least three of the UIU partners (UCM/UBA/UB/UNAM/USP) with quadrilateral and pentalateral collaboration being particularly welcomed.


  • Proposals in areas other than these must necessarily involve all the five partners.


2.3. Funding


  • Funding of up to 60,000€ per participating institution, to be divided among the projects where each university participates[2].
  • 12,000€ (R$ 46,410.00[3]) per participating institution for each successful proposal will be made available for travel and subsistence costs (i.e. up to a maximum of EUR 36,000 for trilateral collaboration and up to a maximum of EUR 60,000 for pentalateral collaboration[4]).
  • Planned expenditures should be in line with the financial policies of the lead institution.
  • Proposals that include matching funds are encouraged.



2.4. Eligible costs


Eligible costs include:

  • Travel costs
  • Accommodation, unless provided by the host university;
    • Subsistence.

2.5. Duration/timing


  • Funded proposals must begin by 1 September, 2017 and be completed within one year of commencement.

2.6. Indicative activities


Funding will support the travel and subsistence costs associated with researchers spending time at partner institutions. Proposals that include opportunities for the exchange of PhD students are encouraged.

Proposals may include collaborative activities such as:


  • Workshops, guest lecture and high-level seminars on multidisciplinary research areas;
  • Development of joint industry-research collaborations;
  • Delivery of a joint publication or other output resulting from collaborative research or scholarship activities;
  • Collection of preliminary data to elaborate a full proposal to a local or international funding agency.
  • Research period in which graduate students perform a series of experiments or research
  • Creation and support of resources such as websites, research collaboration sites, or other social networking tools to facilitate the dissemination of results.
    • We want to stimulate mobility of both teaching staff and PhD graduate students / postdoctoral researchers. We envision up to two missions of faculty with periods varying from 5 to 10 days.
    • The mobility of PhD students shall be between 10 to 60 days for each considered student, depending on the dormitory facilities of the hosting institution.

(The above list is indicative and is not intended to be comprehensive).




2.7. Format and Guidelines

Proposal Content: UIU research grant applications are limited to six (6) pages with one (1) inch margins, 11 font in Arial or Times New Roman, or 12 font in Calibri and must include the following sections, written in English:


  • Cover Page including the following data:
    • Title of the project,
    • Principal investigator(s) and contact information,
    • Universities involved in the project
    • Duration of project,
    • A 1,000 character synopsis of the proposed project
    • A list of 5 key words.


  • Project Description: specifically address who your collaborators are, objectives of the collaboration, how the proposed activities align with the goals of this RFP. The description should include specific objectives and activities to achieve the objectives and should be in sufficient detail that reviewers can evaluate the appropriateness and feasibility of the proposed plan. Remember some reviewers may come from outside your discipline so use language that those lacking expertise in your area will understand. (4 pgs. maximum)


§  Budget with Justification (1 page maximum)



In addition, the following must be included in the proposal and does not count against the 4 page content limit of the Project Description:


  • Bio sketch (2 page maximum) of the PI(s) including Education, Professional Appointments, Synergistic Activities relevant to this grant application, and up to ten (10) publications related to this research or scholarship.


  • Support Letter(s) from Faculty Deans (or their designees).



2.8. Application Process



The deadline for submitting proposals is June the 30th, 2017.


The proposal and supporting documents should be submitted by e-mail, as a pdf duly signed document.

Team leaders, regardless of what is their home university, should submit the proposal to uiu@ucm.es



2.9. Selection Criteria


Proposals that meet the eligibility requirements will be reviewed and assessed by review panels at each of the five universities. A joint committee consisting of representatives from the UIU partners will make the final decision for awards through videoconference. The criteria for consideration will involve the extent to which each proposal:

1)      addresses a pertinent research problem


2)      has clear and measurable objectives and activities aligned with the purpose of the UIU award

3)      focuses on the achievement of concrete outcomes and results

4)      demonstrates commitment from researchers from at least three UIU partners, unless stated otherwise on Section 2.2 (inter-continental partnerships will be favored)

5)      has a clearly articulated and justified budget


In making their decisions, the joint selection panel will seek to support a representative variety of research topics, prioritizing the mentioned topics on Section 2.2. The panel will particularly welcome proposals that involve three or more partners.

Proposals that include mobility and participation of young researchers in training (PhD students) are strongly encouraged.


Results will be announced on the UIU website with links to the websites of all five universities.



2.10.                     Reporting


Successful applicants are required to submit a two to three page final report, which should be submitted no later than one month after the end of the grant period.

The report should include information on:


  • Objectives proposed and activities undertaken.
  • Project outcomes and achievements, including key findings and future plans.
    • A brief assessment by the lead researcher on the impact (positive and negative) on their research.
    • Actual justified expenditure against plan.




Madrid, 3rd May 2017




                                                                           P.D. VICE-RECTOR FOR INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS

                                                                           (Rectoral decree 16/5015, 15th June BOCM 31/07/15)

[1] Post-doc researchers are not eligible, according to USP rules for funding.

[2] As for the UCM the maximum amount will be up to 50.000€ to be charged on the G/6420150Ç/5000 UCM budget plan according to the accounting document nº 1001123298 which states that credit has been reserved for the maximum amount indicated.

[3] According to the selling rate from the Central Bank of Brazil, on June 17th, 2016.

[4] By way of illustration, a successful trilateral bid may be funded up to a maximum of EUR 36,000 - with EUR 12,000 available for each partner.