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The Real and Functional Analysis group aims to further deepen and advance in solving important problems in Real, Harmonic and Functional Analysis, which are of great interest on these fields of research, and can be summarized by the following keywords: Rubio de Francia extrapolation theory; Yano's extrapolation theory; optimal Sobolev embeddings; isoperimetric weights; Pseudodifferential operators; Fourier transform and rearrangement invariant spaces; optimal estimates for Hardy operator; quasi-Banach lattices; doubling measures; graphs; Lebesgue exterior spaces; quasicrystals; Gabor bases; wavelets.

The group is currently supported by the following research grant:

GARF is one of the research groups in Spain responsible for the organization of the Encuentros de Análisis Real y Complejo.
GARF is also a member of the Network on Mathematical Analysis and Applications.

Updated: June 10, 2024