“The aristotelian paradigm of distributive justice: the golden triangle"

Maria Antonietta Salamone
La International Association of Greek Philosophy (IAGP) acaba de anunciar que ha sido publicado el artículo de la Doctora Maria Antonietta Salamone, cuyo título es The aristotelian paradigm of distributive justice: the golden triangle, en el volumen editado por M. Adams and K. Boudouris:  Philosophy, Politics and Economics, first electronic edition, Iona Publications, Athens, 2014, p. 270.


Abstract: The objective of this paper is to offer a mathematical and philosophical solution to the geometrical theorem that was put forward by Aristotle in the Fifth Book of the Nicomachean Ethics in relation with the search for the medium term of Distributive Justice. According to this interpretation, in fact, the just distribution of economical and political rights and duties among citizens must be a mean proportional (golden section) between the three distributive criteria: virtue (aristocracy), liberty (democracy), and wealth (oligarchy). As a matter of fact, in the application of the solution of the theorem (in the paradigm of the golden triangle) in Politics, it becomes scientifically apparent that for Aristotle the best political constitution is the Aristocratic Republic. Finally, in this paper not only is the metaphysical foundation of Aristotelian Ethics and Politics underlined (doctrine of the four causes and doctrine of the medium term) but also the mediating function of mathematical sciences in Aristotelian epistemology and ontology.