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Alfonso Sopeña

Alfonso SopeñaEnglish Spanish

Senior Reader, CSIC-UCM

(retired, july 2015)

Signature of papers: Sopeña, A.


Institut of Geoscience CSI-UCM
Faculty of Geological Sciences
Universidad Complutense
José Antonio Nováis, 12, third floor, of. 2
28040 Madrid, Spain


Graduated with a BSc in 1972 and PhD in Geological Sciences from the University of Madrid. He began his career as a researcher and assistant at the Department of Stratigraphy and Institute of Economic Geology (CSIC-UCM) in 1972, the same institute he headed from 1989-1998. He completed postdoctoral studies at the Universities of Cambridge (UK) and Strasbourg (France). He has been president of the o Royal Spanish Society of Natural History. His principal expertise lays in fluvial sedimentology, slackwater deposits, Permian and Triassic sediments and Basin analysis. Actually, primary research interests involve the Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of slackwater deposits in Holocene fluvial sediments. This information can be used in risk assessment and in the assessment of climatic change. The main target is reconstructing long-term flood records and to improve understanding of the societal response to these catastrophic floods.

Areas of Interest

Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Basin analisys, Palaeohydrology, Palaoclimatology and Global Changes.

Selection of Publications

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Research Grant ( Last Years)

  • “Systematic, Palaeoflood and Historical data for the improvement of flood Risk Estimation”, Project SPHERE. Contract nº EVG1-1999-00039. European Unión. Fifth Frammework Programme January 2000-January 2003. Leader IGE-CSIC, Dr. A. Sopeña. European Leader Dr. G. Benito. (CSIC).
  • "Floods frequency and extend analysis of the Segura and Júcar rivers Basin”. Project HID99-0858. CICYT, Water Resources National Program.January 2000-December 2002. Leader: Dr. G. Benito (CSIC).
  • “Climatic, tectonic and/or eustatism controlling fluvial sequences of the western Triassic Tethys" (CLIMATES). BTE2001-0568. Spanish DGI-MCYT.October 2001-November 2004. Leader: Dr. A. Sopeña (CSIC).
  • “Incorporation of palaeoflood and historical flood data in the calculation of dam safety (PALEOCAP), REN2001-1633/RIES.Spanish CICYT, Natural Resources Program. January-December 2005. Leader: Dr. G. Benito (CSIC).
  • “Floodwater Recharge of Alluvial Aquifers in Dryland Environments”. Project WADE. Contract nº. GOCE-CT-2003-506680-WADE. European Union. Sixth Frammework Programme (2002-2006). January 2004 June 2008. Workpackage Leader IGE: Dr. A. Sopeña. European Leader: Dr. G. Benito. (CSIC).
  • "Infiltration in alluvial river beds and groundwater recharge related to floods and palaeofloods in ephemeral rivers" (PALEOREC). GL2005-01977/HID. MEC- DGI. 2005-2008. Leader: Dr. G. Benito (CSIC).
  • "International Geoscience Correlation Programme (IGCP) nº 506 Marine and non-marine Jurassic: global correlation and major geological events. UNESCO and Others, January 2005- December 2009. Spanish Leader: Dr. Ana Márquez-Aliaga. (Valencia). Leader: Prof. Jingeng Sha (Nanjing, China).
  • "Sedimentation associated to the stage of maximum expansion Triassic rifting in the western margin of Tethys" (SEMIARID). CGL2006-01074. Spanish DGI-MEC. October 2006- September 2009. Leader: Dr. Alfonso Sopeña (CSIC).
  • "Flood hazards in Mediterranean rivers in the context of climate variability and environmental change" (FLOOD-MED). Spanish DGI-MEC. Earth Sciences (CGL-BTE) Water Resources Program (CGL-HID) CGL2008-06474-C02-01/BTE. January 2009- December 2011. Leader: Dr. Gerardo Benito (CSIC).
  • Impacto de la variabilidad climática y ambiental en la hidrología de las paleo-crecidas y los riesgos de avenidas en zonas mediterráneas. CLARIES. CGL2011-29176. Entidad financiadora: DGI-MCI. Ciencias de la Tierra. Duración: Enero 2012-diciembre 2014. Investigador Principal: Gerardo Benito (MNCN-CSIC).
  • Mejoras en la evaluación de la respuesta hidrológica y sedimentaria en cuencas mediterráneas frente al cambio climático y ambiental. CGL2014-58127-C3-1-R. Duración: 2015- diciembre 2015-2017. Investigador Principal: Gerardo Benito (CCMA-CSIC).