Pilar Casado


Psychobiology Department UCM & Center UCM-ISCIII for Human Evolution and Behaviour

Monforte de Lemos, 5, Pab. 14

28029 Madrid, SPAIN

Tel.: +34 91 822 28 37




Pilar Casado received her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the Complutense University, Madrid, in 2005. Currently, she is Associate Professor in the Psychobiology Department at the Complutense University and a member in the Cognitive Neuroscience Unit, Center for Human Evolution and Behavior UCM-ISCIII.

Her research focuses on issues in Cognitive Neuroscience using mainly event-related potentials and fMRI, exploring language processing, particularly in sentences and discourse. Higher levels of organization such as sentence processing (syntax and semantic) or discourse comprehension are currently her active area of research.

She"s also interested in the contribution of Cognitive Neuroscience to functional models of cognition and which aspects of the neuronal machinery are shared by language and other cognitive systems, particularly how language comprehension depends on action in the frame of recent theories of Embodied Cognition.