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Upcoming Equality Unit activities...


Presentation by the Faculties of Law, Language Studies, Philosophy, Geography and History

When: Wednesday 20 February - 12 pm
Location: Aula – 014 - Fac. Geography and History

Presentation about Equality - Faculty of Education

When: Thursday 21 Feb - 11.30 am
Location: Sala de Conferencias. Fac. of Education

Presentation of the Protocol of action against sexual, gender, and sexual orientation and identity harassment, and gender expression

When: Thursday 21 Feb - 4 pm
Location: Sala Botella. Fac. of Medicine

Presentation about Equality - Faculty of Geological Science

When: Monday 25 Feb - 12 pm

Location: Sala de Juntas. Fac. of Geological Science

Interactive workshop of Proposals for the Equality Plan - Part of the Faculty of Geography and History

Designed for Administration and Services Staff, Teaching and Research Staff and Students in the Faculty of Geography and History

When: Tuesday 12 March - 11.30 am to 2 pm
Location: Aula B- 17 - Fac. of Geography and History
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