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UCM Student Card

In order to facilitate access to the world of the information and knowledge society, the Complutense University, in collaboration with Santander Bank, has developed an ID card for current students which offers access to library services (book loans) and will progressively incorporate new features like access to parking, sports centers and other UCM facilities on campus.


To obtain your student card you should go to an issue point. Over the year there will be some periods with issue points open in various schools (the main one between September and November). At other times there will be pemanent issue points at Santander Bank offices.

At the issue point you will need to show your ID; then they will confirm that the data is correct, take a picture of you and give you the card in a short time.


Centers, dates and timetables for the issuing periods and permanent points



In case of theft, loss or damage of the card it will be necessary to issue a new card. You should request a duplicate card at the International Relations Office, in Edificio de Estudiantes, Avenida Complutense s/n. You will have to wait 24 hours before going to an issue point.


Some problems cannot be solved at the issue points. If any data in your card is not correct, the information must be corrected at your center’s secretariat of students or the International Relations Office.If no data appears it is possible that either 24 hours have not passed since the enrolment was completed or there is a delay in processing. Wait another 24 hours to confirm this case. Or you have ordered your card but you have not collected it. In this case you can confirm the status at your center's student Secretary or the International Relations Office.


You can apply for their TUI-UCM Card at their arrival in Madrid, before registering for UCM courses, by showing their Erasmus identificaton number (ERAS-xxxxxxxxxx). They must address to any of the bank offices listed below, where they will check the data, take a photo of you and give you the card at the moment.

The Erasmus Identification number is sent by e-mail to each student together with the letter of invitation to the welcome session.

Please watch the video that demonstrates the process.