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Welcome Erasmus!

5 OCT 2018 - 12:44 CET

The Faculty of Information Sciences has hosted the first three welcome sessions for Erasmus students who are going to continue their studies this academic year at the Complutense University. Juana Amorós, head of the European Programmes Section of the International Relations Office, reports that this year around 1,900 students from the 31 countries that are part of this international programme will pass through the UCM. Of these, 1,300 will attend either the first semester or the entire course. In front of a packed auditorium, Isabel Durán, vice-rector of International Relations and Cooperation, welcomed one of the oldest universities in Spain, "with five centuries of history", one of the best placed in international rankings, and a place of "privilege that allows for both academic and personal enrichment, as well as an important increase in employability".

Isabel Durán recalled that in the thirty years that the Erasmus program has benefited some 9 million people, of which a significant number have passed through the Complutense. According to the vice-chancellor, in this University they will learn not only the contents of the subjects themselves, but also to "have curiosity, tolerance, know how to solve problems, independence and decision-making capacity".

The vice-rector is confident that the adaptation will be quick so that everyone feels at home, something that will be easy thanks to the advice given in this welcoming session and the "many opportunities offered by a city like Madrid.

After the welcome of the vice-rector, Juana Amorós opened the session with a talk in which she talked about the basic information and services of our University. She reminded all the students that after this welcome they had to complete a series of obligatory requirements such as visiting the Erasmus office of each Faculty, in which they will be given the specific academic information of each one of them; activating the UCM email account; asking for the Complutense student card, and finally, registering the courses at the University.

These meetings will be completed this September with one on the 11th, for those Erasmus students who are not going to study Spanish, and another later for the students of the second semester.


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