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New Equality Plan at UCM

Take part and make proposals

The Complutense University of Madrid will start the challenge of creating a new Equality Plan in 2019 because it is committed to the importance of communicating the values of respect and equality, and aware of the obligation to implement specific policies that articulate these.

This process, which requires the whole university community be involved, intends to implement actions based on a detailed analysis, which will correct existing gender inequality. That is why we ask for your participation.

The UCM has a network of Equality Representatives in each faculty, who present the equality plan to the faculties and also mobilise students, teaching and research staff and administration and services staff to ensure that they participate and contribute their proposals to the new plan.

Meanwhile, the Gender Equality Unit has started a process of analysis and design of measures and actions which will continue while the Equality Plan is implemented. All of the information is available on our website.

We need your help to ensure this Equality Plan is a plan for the entire university community.

Send us your proposals for actions and measures, information about problems you have noticed, and good practices that have been implemented and can be replicated in other spaces at UCM.

Please use the forms to submit your proposals or comments.






Areas where the plan is enforced

  • Achieve better gender equality in terms of professional opportunities, selection and retention of talent and the development of the academic, research and professional career
  • Achieve better gender equality in the decision-making spaces at the university
  • Promote excellence through the inclusion of the gender dimension in research, teaching and university management
  • Identify, prevent and fight against gender stereotypes and biases, which continue to occur in the everyday routine of the university, as well as introduce a zero-tolerance policy against sexual, gender, sexual orientation and identity, and gender expression harassment.

Our university has very different situations and it is necessary to adapt actions to the issues in every faculty. That is why the plan will have a catalogue of measures that will be applied according to the needs of each situation. We will soon post a first draft of the catalogue of measures on the Equality Unit website, which we hope will be supplemented by proposals from the entire university community.

Why is an equality plan necessary?

If you want to learn more about (in)equality at Spanish universities, you can visit the Women and Science Unit website, which periodically conducts a Science in Numbers (Spanish) analysis. You can also become inspired by some of the results from the reports carried out by CRUE. To find out the equality data at UCM, our Gender Equality Unit will let you know. And to learn more about the role of women in science and research in Europe, click on the She Figures report.

For a good explanation of the reasons why the Equality Plan should promote structural change, and even to learn how to do it, visit the online GEAR tool (Gender Equality in Academia and Research). 

Meet the equality representative in your faculty

We encourage you to take part in the activities that are being organised by the network of equality representatives in your faculty. View the schedule here.