Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and Faculty

María del Carmen Fernández Chamizo

Vicerrectora de Política Académica y Profesorado


Full Professor since 1997 in the Department of Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence in the Faculty of Computer Science.

She has been the Director of the Centre for Institutional Intelligence (2015-2018), and was responsible for the implementation of the Centre and the design of the Integrated System of Institutional Data (SIDI).

She has held the following academic positions at this university: Department Director (2014-2015), Vice-Rector of Computer Science and Communications (2007-2011), Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science (1998-2006) and Vice-President of the Academic Senate (2002-2006). She has also been Secretary of the Department, Vice-Dean of External Relations, member of the Academic Senate, Teaching and Research Staff representative in the Governing Council and member of numerous departmental, faculty and university commissions. She has also been President of the Conference of Deans and Directors of Computer Science (CODDI).  

She has taught multiple subjects in the area of Computer Languages and Systems, especially in topics related to Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering, and has directed doctoral theses and papers in these subjects.  

She created the research group in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (ISIA), precursor to the current department with the same name. She has directed and participated in competitive national and European research projects related to Educational Technologies and Case-Based Reasoning (CBR). She is currently a member of the research groups SOFTWARE ENGINEERING AND E-LEARNING and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE APPLICATIONS.