Bosco Camacho

My name is Bosco. I was born 26 years ago in Manzanares, Ciudad Real, where I did my primary, secondary and upper-secondary education. When I had the opportunity, I tried to focus on social and linguistic studies. During those teenage years I travelled a lot around Europe (France, Italy, UK) and visited the United States of America.

Those trips provoked a ‘wish for knowledge’ in my personality, a pivotal fact to choose a university which was far from home. I took my Degree in English Studies at the University of Salamanca. There, I met people from all around the country and developed my social skills; and the University gave me the opportunity to take one year abroad. I did my Erasmus year in Aarhus, Denmark, where I learnt a lot about linguistics. After that, I took another year as an exchange student in Granada, a university in where I learnt a lot about British and American literature.

Then, I wanted to complete my university education with a Degree in Spanish. I discovered that the University of Oviedo offered me the opportunity of doing what I wanted in two years thanks to that fact that ECTS validation was high. I went there. However, after one year, I changed my mind, and I did the second course from home because I achieved my first job as a teacher of English in an academy. In that year I studied in the mornings and worked in the afternoons.

After finishing my second Degree, I considered that my linguistic formation was good, and considering that I liked to be a teacher, it was the moment to start becoming a professional on that field: I did my Master’s Degree in Education. Just after having finished it, I found a job at a chartered school in the outskirts of Madrid. I have been working there since September 2017.

Finally, to become a better teacher of English, I consider that I need little research on how to create more interesting classes and achieve a better connection with my students. Consequently, I applied to a PhD in English Linguistics.