Corporate And Financial Law Problems: A Transatlantic Perspective (XII Congress Harvard-Complutense. Octubre 2014)

6th, 7th and 8th October, 2014
Harvard Law School / Real Colegio Complutense

 The Congress was jointly organized by the Real Colegio Complutense, the Institute for Global Law and Policy (Harvard Law School) and the Department of Commercial Law at the UCM. The emphasis of this course is the analysis and debate about some of the key issues in the current regulation of the corporate financial system, comparing the European experience (with special reference to the Spanish situation) with the U.S., as well as the new strategies in negotiation techniques in corporate and finance. The structure of the Congress tries to promote a fruitful exchange between all the speakers and provide attendees with information and materials especially valid with respect to the issues discussed.

 For the organization of the Congres, organizers have been sponsored by Banco Santander, Ilustre Colegio Notarial de Madrid and Telefónica de España.