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Election Interference in the Digital Age - Loreto Corredoira invitada en la UE

25 oct 2018 - 12:31 CET

Ha sido un encuentro de más de 100 participantes, con la asistencia de Comisarios europeos y ministros de los 28 Gobiernos de la UE, del ámbito de la seguridad y la ación, así como de  organizaciones como OTAN, empresas consultoras y académicos, para tratar de una cuestión y preocupación común: los ciberataques, la interferencia extranjera en procesos electorales, la desinformación, los derechos de los ciudadanos y  la seguridad de las democracias. Organizada por el think tank de la Comisión que dirige Ann Mettler. 

Se puede "seguir" la conversación que se mantuvo en Twitter con el hastag #ERProtects

Aquí se pueden encontrar los principales aportaciones. 


With a number of watershed elections on the horizon, including the 2018 mid-term elections in the United States and the 2019 European Parliament elections, how confident can we be in the resilience of our electoral processes and democracies? Are policymakers and institutions adapting fast enough to constantly evolving threats and technologies?

Under the patronage of Sir Julian King, European Commissioner for the Security Union, and in collaboration with the Security Union Taskforce, the European Political Strategy Centre organised a High-Level Conference on ‘Election Interference in the Digital Age: Building Resilience to Cyber-Enabled Threats’.

The High-Level Conference gathered leading experts from around the world to discuss these questions and how best to follow up on existing initiatives, such as the European Commission’s Communication‘Tackling Online Disinformation: a European approach’ and the G7 Charlevoix Commitment on ‘Defending Democracy from Foreign Threats’. It also devoted time to showcasing some of the latest technologies and tools to emerge in election interference and protection, ranging from traditional cyberattacks and online disinformation campaigns to the use of innovative micro-targeting, big data and Artificial Intelligence.

In addition to the Conference’s two half-day sessions, a High-Level Member State Workshop, open only to Member States’ nominated representatives, was organised with the aim to bring together electoral commissions and cybersecurity officials, to exchange best practices and promote cooperation with a view to better securing election life-cycles in the digital age.

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