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QC Building

The QC Building was inaugurated in 2003 and it is dedicated to the theoretical education. It has 16 classrooms distributed over 3 floors.

  • On the ground floor, in front of the entrance, is the Reprographic Service and on the sides the classrooms QC01, QC02, QC03 and QC04.
  • On the First Floor are the classrooms QC11, QC12, QC13, QC14, QC15 and QC16. In the central area there are free lockers for students.
  • On the second floor are the classrooms QC21, QC22, QC23, QC24, QC25 and QC26, the latter being a computer room with 55 workstations. In the central area there are free lockers for the students

All classrooms are air-conditioned and have a traditional blackboard and video projector.

In the basement there are 2 laboratories of General Chemistry and the following Research Assistance Centers:

  • QC Building Entrance

    QC Building Entrance

  • QC02 Classroom

    QC02 Classroom

  • QC03 Classroom

    QC03 Classroom

  • QC16 Classroom

    QC16 Classroom

  • Lockers


  • Computer Classroom (QC26)

    Computer Classroom (QC26)