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Javier Pérez-Tris

Reader (Group co-leader)

My research interests integrate the fields of evolutionary biology, biogeography, behavioural ecology and conservation biology. During the last years, I have explored these areas by combining field biology with molecular techniques. I have always been interested in bird migration in general, which I have approached from various perspectives. For example, I'd like to know more about the way diverse avian migration patterns have evolved, the implications of diversity of migratory behaviours, and how such diversity affects the interactions between birds and their symbionts (commensals such as wing-dwelling feather mites, or parasites like the ones causing avian malaria.


  Sofía Fernández-González (recent doctor)

  Antón Pérez-Rodríguez (recent doctor)

  Michaël Moens (PhD student)

  Richard Williams (Postdoc PICATA-CEI)

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Phone: +34 91 394 4949


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