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Francisco Javier Zamora-Camacho

Juan de la Cierva-Incorporación Postdoctoral Researcher

Albeit with occasional incursions in the study of introduction patterns of allochthonous species, my main research lines are framed in the context of evolutionary ecology of amphibians and reptiles. Specifically, my studies are focused on diverse aspects on antagonistic trophic interactions, such as competition and, especially, predation. In this sense, I am profoundly interested in antipredator strategies sensu lato, such as locomotion among others, as well as their interaction with different capacities, such as the immune response. Likewise, I feel attracted to the analysis of coloration, not only as an antipredator strategy, but also as an intraspecific communication tool. Furthermore, I work on other sexual signals and their role in partner choice. I also study the response of amphibians to contamination in agrosystems, at a morphological, reproductive and ecophysiological level, with an undeniable evolutionary focus.


My experience as a teacher is short yet diverse. Currently, I teach Zoology and Experimental Biology classes. But along my career as a teacher, I have tackled subjects as disparate as Animal Physiology, Forensic Entomology, Evolutionary Biology, Conceptual Development of Biology or Methods for the Study of the Environment. Even though I opted for Academy attracted by research, I soon discovered that teaching was my other great vocation. I consider that educating professionals-to-be is an enormous responsibility that requires planification and organization, whilst it should remain open to improvisation and, above all, debate. I strongly encourage an active implication of the studentship before, during, and after the class as the most efficient way to engage them in their own process of learning.

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