Grupos de investigación

David Martín-Gálvez

Senior Lecturer

I have a broad interest in the study of evolution and how natural selection modulates the expression of complex traits, such as behaviours in animals. More specifically, I am interested in the molecular mechanisms responsible for these traits and their effects on the interaction between individuals of the same or different species, including the metapopulation dynamics caused by these interactions. My main studies are related to the coevolutionary implications of the defences of the hosts against avian brood parasites from a genetic perspective, and to the evolution and maintenance of conspicuous signals of food solicitation in birds within the context of a conflict of interests between parents and offspring. More recently, my research is closer to the field of evolutionary genomics. Initially, I have worked with model animals, where I have integrated information on genomic variation and data on the regulation of gene expression in the search for regions responsible for phenotypes of interest. Recently I have started a new research line where I combine the skills acquired from my studies in behavioural ecology with my knowledge in genomics and computational biology. One of the main goals of my current research project is to determine the causes of the evolutionary stability in the chromosomal organization of birds, using the chicken and the hoopoe as species of study.

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