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Diego López Collar

Predoctoral researcher (Teaching Assistant)

My principal interests are in the study of biogeography, ecology, ethology and systematics of arthropods, especially ants. I have carried out biodiversity studies using Odonata, Lepidoptera and Formicidae as model groups, in order to use their potential as bioindicators in monitoring programs of their communities in both rural and urban environments. I am also interested in the study of the evolutionary and biogeographic causes that have led some species of ants to acquire their current distribution patterns. Having ants as a model group has allowed me to explore different aspects underlying the basis of ecology and biology and gives the possibility of new study frameworks to be incorporated.

Currently the work of my thesis focuses on the search for evolutionary, biogeographic patterns or historical causes, which have led different groups of ants to have a distant or close relationship with the urban or rural environment through the study of ecological preferences, island theory, environmental determinants, etc.; analyze the biodiversity of ants in urban green areas and explore what environmental factors influence their communities; finally, I intend to evaluate the role of ants as bioindicators through functional groups analysis to set up the environmental health and conservation status of parks and urban green areas for possible application in renaturation projects or creation of biological corridors.

Supervisor: Francisco José Cabrero Sañudo

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